bump The Rochester

Located at a cozy spot surrounded by lush greenery, Bump offers hairstyles uniquely tailored
to each and every individual, a specialised service provided only by Japanese salons.



Emiko : Salon manager






Regardless of age or gender, a wide range of customers come to me the most for haircuts
♪ No.1 ♪  

After careful consultation, I find the best hairstyle for customers based upon head shape, hair type & lifestyle. I also do kids cuts, & would be more than happy if you visit as a family. Please do not be afraid to share your concerns with me! 

From bobs to easily maintained perms, I also specialize in short styles. On the other hand, looking to de-stress after a hard day? Please come to me for a head spa to relax♪

Sone : Top Stylist

Mayu : Top Stylist

Misaki : Stylist

デザインカラーやスタイリッシュな大人女性の 雰囲気を作るのが得意 です★ 


ご自宅でのケア方法、 スタイリングや髪のお悩みも是非ご相談下さい。 


I specialize in designing colour and creating a stylish, mature look ★

 Leave it to me to minimize the damage to your hair, and to create  3D highlights with a natural-looking contrast. 

Do also consult me if you have any concerns about caring for your hair at home, or how to style your hair!

 I will create a healing space for consultation and hair styling that is dependent on each customer’s request♪


🎍New Year Promotion✨

New Customer only

Cut + Full Colour or Perm + Mucota Treatment = $198 (Up. $260)
* There will be an additional $20 charge for Top Stylist

Cut + Full Colour + Perm + Mucota Treatment = $298 (Up. $355)
* There will be an additional $30 charge for Top Stylist

* There are also other promotions at the salon. So please consult us at the salon


Price List (All in SGD subjected to 7% GST charge)Starting April 2018, there will be a $10 increase per menu (except for hair treatment) for top stylists.


Cut $65

Mens Cut $60

Students Cut $45(7-18years old)

Kid’s Cut $40 (6years old and below)

Fringe Cut $15

Shampoo and Blow $35

Hair Setting $60


Cold Perm $95

Digital Perm $170

Inkarami Digital Perm $330

Straight Perm $130

Arimino Rebonding $220

Inkarami Rebonding $380

Point Perm $60

Rebonding & Perm $305


※ +$20 for hair lengths below chest

Full Colour $95

Fox Accent Colour $140

Retouch (3cm) $70

Care Bleach $210

Toner $50

3D/highlight Colour $160

Ombre/balayage $160

Hair Care

Linkage Treatment $50

Mucota Treatment $100

Tokio Inkarami $160

Head Spa $80

 料金表 (シンガポールドル表記 7% の消費税別)

※2018年4月1日以降ご予約分より、トップスタイリスト料金は、ヘアケア以外の各メニューが+ $10となります。


カット $65

メンズカット $60

学生カット $45

お子様カット $40

前髪カット $15

シャンプー&ブロー $35

ヘアセット $60



コールドパーマ $95

デジタルパーマ $170

Inkarami デジタルパーマ $330

ストレートパーマ $130

Arimino 縮毛矯正 $220

Inkarami 縮毛矯正 $380

ポイントパーマ $60

縮毛矯正 & パーマ $305



ロング料金 +$20 (胸下~)

フルカラー $95

Fox Accent カラー $140

リタッチ (3cm) $70

ケアブリーチ $210

トナー $50

3D/ハイライトカラー $160

オンブレ/バレイヤージュ $160



リンケージ $50

ムコタ $100

トキオインカラミ $160

ヘッドスパ $80


15%  off

All menu for new customers if you like and follow our Facebook/Instagram page

20% off

All menu for new customers if you like and follow our Facebook/Instagram Page

(For stylist Misaki)

Mucota Treatment or Headspa

$80 -> $50

(For stylist Emiko)

No top stylist surcharge

All menu for  new customers

(For stylist Emiko)




Everyday: 9:00AM- 9:00PM

TEL: 91162227 (ENG/日本語 OK)

SMS: 91162227 (ENG/日本語 OK)

35 Rochester Drive #01-02

The Rochester Singapore 138639