bump The Rochester

Located at a cozy spot surrounded by lush greenery, Bump offers hairstyles uniquely tailored
to each and every individual, a specialised service provided only by Japanese salons.



Emiko : Salon manager






Regardless of age or gender, a wide range of customers come to me the most for haircuts
♪ No.1 ♪  

After careful consultation, I find the best hairstyle for customers based upon head shape, hair type & lifestyle. I also do kids cuts, & would be more than happy if you visit as a family. Please do not be afraid to share your concerns with me! 

From bobs to easily maintained perms, I also specialize in short styles. On the other hand, looking to de-stress after a hard day? Please come to me for a head spa to relax♪

Sone : Top Stylist

Mayu : Top Stylist

Misaki : Stylist

デザインカラーやスタイリッシュな大人女性の 雰囲気を作るのが得意 です★ 


ご自宅でのケア方法、 スタイリングや髪のお悩みも是非ご相談下さい。 


I specialize in designing colour and creating a stylish, mature look ★

 Leave it to me to minimize the damage to your hair, and to create  3D highlights with a natural-looking contrast. 

Do also consult me if you have any concerns about caring for your hair at home, or how to style your hair!

 I will create a healing space for consultation and hair styling that is dependent on each customer’s request♪


✨After Care Promotion✨

Valid for ALL customers till 15 March 2019!

Retouch Colour = $65 (Up. $70)
* There will be an additional $10 charge for Top Stylist

Toner/Single Colour = $80 (Up. $95)
* There will be an additional $10 charge for Top Stylist

15% OFF All Treatment

Promotions listed above can be used together.
There are also other promotions at the salon. So please consult us at the salon!


Price List (All in SGD subjected to 7% GST charge)Starting April 2018, there will be a $10 increase per menu (except for hair treatment) for top stylists.


Cut $65

Mens Cut $60

Students Cut $45(7-18years old)

Kid’s Cut $40 (6years old and below)

Fringe Cut $15

Shampoo and Blow $35

Hair Setting $60


Cold Perm $95

Digital Perm $170

Inkarami Digital Perm $330

Straight Perm $130

Arimino Rebonding $220

Inkarami Rebonding $380

Point Perm $60

Rebonding & Perm $305


※ +$20 for hair lengths below chest

Full Colour $95

Fox Accent Colour $140

Retouch (3cm) $70

Care Bleach $210

Toner $50

3D/highlight Colour $160

Ombre/balayage $160

Hair Care

Linkage Treatment $50

Mucota Treatment $100

Tokio Inkarami $160

Head Spa $80

 料金表 (シンガポールドル表記 7% の消費税別)

※2018年4月1日以降ご予約分より、トップスタイリスト料金は、ヘアケア以外の各メニューが+ $10となります。


カット $65

メンズカット $60

学生カット $45

お子様カット $40

前髪カット $15

シャンプー&ブロー $35

ヘアセット $60



コールドパーマ $95

デジタルパーマ $170

Inkarami デジタルパーマ $330

ストレートパーマ $130

Arimino 縮毛矯正 $220

Inkarami 縮毛矯正 $380

ポイントパーマ $60

縮毛矯正 & パーマ $305



ロング料金 +$20 (胸下~)

フルカラー $95

Fox Accent カラー $140

リタッチ (3cm) $70

ケアブリーチ $210

トナー $50

3D/ハイライトカラー $160

オンブレ/バレイヤージュ $160



リンケージ $50

ムコタ $100

トキオインカラミ $160

ヘッドスパ $80


15%  off

All menu for new customers if you like and follow our Facebook/Instagram page

20% off

All menu for new customers if you like and follow our Facebook/Instagram Page

(For stylist Misaki)

20% off

Cut + Perm

*New customers only
*All hair length
(For stylist Emiko)

20% off

All design services (except treatment) for medium* hair length

 *± 5cm from collar bone
(For stylist Sone & Mayu)


Everyday: 9:00AM- 8:00PM

TEL: 91162227 (ENG/日本語 OK)

SMS: 91162227 (ENG/日本語 OK)

35 Rochester Drive #01-02

The Rochester Singapore 138639