Mayu: Top Stylist

Using the size control balance, I'll design a hair style that balances well with your fashion style and makeup!


Sone: General Manager/Salon Manager/Top Stylist

I am competent in haircut as well as color design, with the ability to create vibrant and unique colors fine tuned to each and every customer's taste and style. Feel free to approach me for a consultation and I will be able to craft a color that is ideal for you.

環境やシーンに合わせたカットやカラーデザインをお客樣にご提案させてもらう事が得意です。 シンガポールの新しい土地で髪にお困りでしたらご相談下さい。一番似合うスタイルを一緒に探しましょう。

Seiji: Director Stylist

Has 90% repeater for short haircut!! I create short hair style that looks good from all angle by looking at individual's face shape and hair type. Please try out if you are looking to have a short hair cut in Singapore.
Short hair can't be covered up by styling and that is why you need a No.1 haircut.





Emiko: Top Stylist (Moved to Holland Village in June!)

Regardless of age or gender, a wide range of customers come to me the most for haircuts! After careful consultation, I find the best hairstyle for customers based upon head shape, hair type and lifestyle. I also do kids cuts, and I would be more than happy if you visit as a family. Please do not be afraid to share your concerns with me! I also specialize in short styles, as well as perm and rebonding, where I am able to create a style suited to your preference. On the other hand, looking to de-stress after a hard day? Please come to me for a head spa to relax!

 お客様に寄り添い、その人の骨格や髪質を活かし、ライフスタイルに合ったヘアスタイルを提案させて頂きます。お子様のカットも好きなので、ご家族でご来店頂けたら嬉しいです。ぜひ気軽にご相談下さい^^ ショートカットやパーマ、縮毛矯正が得意です。

Misaki: Stylist (Moved to River Valley in July!)

I specialize in designing colour and creating a stylish, mature look. Leave it to me to minimize the damage to your hair, and to create 3D highlights with a natural-looking contrast. Do also consult me if you have any concerns about caring for your hair at home, or how to style your hair. I will create a healing space for consultation and hair styling that is dependent on each customer's request.

デザインカラーやスタイリッシュな大人女性の 雰囲気を作るのが得意 です。 髪のダメージを最小限に抑えつつ、ナチュラルなハイライトからコントラストの効いた3Dハイライトなどお任せください。 ご自宅でのケア方法、 スタイリングや髪のお悩みも是非ご相談下さい。 お客様に合ったカウセンリング、ヘアスタイルと癒しの空間を提供させて頂きます。